Welcome to Victress store by Victoria Polishchuk

“We’re about living with intention, thinking about what you’re doing and trying to enjoy the smaller things, like a meal, a conversation, time out with friends,” Mr. Williams said.

Victress brand was founded in early 2012. Lightweight, breezy and versatile: discover our collections of women’s clothes. We keep on working with comfortable in linen tops, trousers and shirts, or offset outfits in stylish cardigans and jackets, using only high-quality materials that we order from our global suppliers.

If you have a passion for fashion and love clothes, Victress as online clothing boutique is the perfect place for you. Unlike traditional boutiques, the costs for starting up an online boutique are much lower. There is no need to find us locally, you can make you order from here in a few steps. Because all the products are unique and made in small collections sometimes they quickly become out of stock. But don’t be afraid, you always can make back-order and we gonna try to release your favorites in next releases.

Enjoy our store and we hope you’ll be pleased.


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  1. Kirill Malyarenko

    It was fun to see you in the showroom. I was really impressed with current level of Ukrainian designers. You are very nimble with materials and models are very sensitive and soft on touch.
    Happy that you are now online and people can see you.
    Thanks for the hat)

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